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Masternode Hosting

Customized Masternode Hosting

  Reliable Servers: CRYPTOTIME works with trusted hosting partners to provide the highest quality servers and optimum uptime.
Outstanding support: Once you order your node, we take care on the server side and we will guide you through the setup process on your cold wallet and help you, if needed. Usually you will have your node running in minutes.
  Optimum security: Your coins stay on your cold wallet and we will never ask you to provide your private keys or passwords.
  Frequent updates: All masternode servers and core wallets are kept updated to the latest versions and the masternode owners get informed on changes, through exclusive telegram channels.

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Curently CRYPTOTIME is hosting in total more than 300 Masternodes of the following coins
Dash (DASH), AP Holding (AP1), PIVX (PIVX), Bitcoin Green (BITG), Eternity (ENT), Know Your Developer (KYD), PhantomX (PNX), Bulwark (BWK), Pura (PURA), Solaris (XLR), SmartCash (SMART), ExtensiveCoin (EXTN), GraphCoin (GRPH), Polis (POLIS), Monkey Project (MONK), Trittium (TRTT), Lightpaycoin (LPC), Huzu (HUZU), Phore (PHR), APR (APR), Deviant (DEV), MYCE (YCE), MedicCoin (MEDIC), HempCoin (HEMP), Blocknode (BND), Printex (PRTX), Adultchain (XXX), ZCoin (XCZ), Gobyte (GBX), Vivo (VIVO), BiFrost (FROST), Bitcloud (BTDX), GinCoin (GIN), Innova (INN), Horizen (ZEN) and many more.


Hardware Development

Hardware Development

Single node SoC systems

based on BPi M1 or RPi boards as low cost and low power consuming multi purpose or customized systems. E.g. for scrolling LED tickers, dashboards, proof of stake (PoS) systems or fully automated payment / payout processors.

PoSer F5.1

first generation dedicated and ready to use proof of stake(PoS) system.


our second generation for proof of stake (PoS) mining, with improved and refined hard- and software.

All In One

The CRYPTOTIME team is built of scientists and engineers for hard- and software development as well as professionals in photography, artwork, product design and logistics.

Customized Solutions

CRYPTOTIME offers collabration for customized solutions to develop new and promising products for your crypto based business.


We prefer direct contact and negotiations with our clients on a personal base, to offer individual and optimized solutions. You have a problem? We'll elaborate a fix. So, feel free to contact CRYPTOTIME.


The CRYPTOTIME team has sound experience in various fields of the emerging crypto currency market. From mining rigs, mining farms and mining pools, to proof of stake and masterode systems and higly dedicated customized solutions.

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Ready to start your masternode or a project with us? Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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